Yasiel Puig holds court with the media before his first game in Miami

Apparently, later in the clubhouse, Yasiel Puig uttered an expletive in Spanish toward the media, when there still were a few reporters in there. I didn’t personally hear this, but I have heard it from enough colleagues to know it happened. I understand he doesn’t like the media and never really has, but this was in apparent response to the fact TMZ reported his late-night (early-morning) outing last night with LeBron James. Like I said earlier, if you’re a celebrity yourself and you go out in South Beach with LeBron, there is a high likelihood TMZ is going to be there to see it — and report it.

Anyway, here’s the video I promised, but it didn’t turn out too well. For one thing, the sound is horrible, for which I apologize. Puig had a microphone, but his interpreter did not, and so you can barely hear him here. Plus, I had to cut off part of this video because it originally was 20 minutes and wouldn’t load to YouTube, and the whole thing is kind of grainy, so my apologies for that, as well. Say what you will about Puig, but the kid has a ton of personality, as you can see in the beginning before the session officially begins.

Puig also doesn’t mask his dislike for the media during the press conference, although he does it here in a less profane way. Asked how he likes dealing with the media, he said, in Spanish, “You guys are driving me crazy.” Later, when someone asks him about partying with LeBron last night, he says, “Come on, this is about baseball.”

For better or worse, here’s the video.

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