WWYD (What Would YOU Do)?


Money …

Some say it solves a lot of problems, many think it causes them, and even more still believe it’s the root of all that is evil. Meanwhile, everyone I know including myself tries like hell every day to earn enough to live, take care of our families and maybe occasionally have enough to do fun things, like go to a ballgame.

If there is something everyone is good at, however, it’s spending it. More specifically, spending other people’s cash, and even more specifically, the money owned by rich people. After all, wealthy people need help spending their dough. They certainly didn’t amass their fortunes by unloading it, so clearly, they haven’t mastered the fine art of reaching into their pockets for their wallets the way we common folk have.

In fact, as sports fans, we have broken it down to a science. Most of us probably believe we could teach a college course on spending billionaire bucks. We have good training, as well, on-the-job training in fact. It is called “fantasy sports ownership.” That’s right, we have deluded ourselves into thinking we not only know how to properly spend hundreds of millions of dollars, but that we also know how to combine the right talent of both star and role-playing athletes with the right mix of younger players and older veterans capable of becoming a dynasty. Royals, Rays and A’s fans don’t have it as good as we Dodgers fans do. When it comes to the Dodgers, Guggenheim’s money is like the bell to Pavlov’s Dog. We’re the dog, of course, and during the Hot Stove league, we salivate all over everything.

The Dodgers have needs (albeit some of their “needs” would be luxuries to most other teams). They also have money and a few good prospects. So in the spirit of every man’s God-given right to spend extravagant amounts of other people’s money and perform Yoda-like Jedi mind tricks on any current MLB general manager to fleece them for a pittance, I ask you, how would you solve the Dodgers’ “problems?”

We’d love to see your comments. Be creative. It can be based on a rumor you have heard or a rumor you would like to hear. It can be a realistic thought that you think might actually happen. We want to hear what you have to say, and we want you to explain your thinking about the moves you would make during this Dodgers offseason. We will read them all, and we will comment, as well. Remember, as always, keep it clean, be nice to your fellow posters and have fun with it!

Phil Stone


  1. A week ago, I would have suggested Tanaka. But after 160 pitches in his Nippon Series Game 6 start, and first loss in over a year, he pulled a Hershiser and closed out Game 7. He was shaking his arm, and during the celebration he had a huge ice pack on his elbow. Sadly, I see surgery in his near future. Hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t gamble $80+ million on it.

  2. eastcoastdodgerfan

    Great question. Here are some of my thoughts on what I think we should do.

    1) Sign Tim Hudson on a one year deal to be the 4th/5th starter. That way we don’t have to rush Billingsley back, or spend money to get Tanaka. We could also try to bring back Kuroda, but I’m not sure what type of prospect/draft pick we would have to give up.

    2) I would trade Either for some AAA high pitching prospects

    3) Sign either Ellsbury or Choo to play left, and more Carl to the bench and/or spot start to rest Kemp and Puig

    4) Sign Joe Nathan and bring back Brian Wilson. Having guys with 9th inning experience is incredibly helpful in getting our of tough 7th or 8th inning jams which really hurt the Dodgers this past season. Saving Vin from having to remind us that the 7th inning was a bad inning for the Dodgers will be worth it alone!

    5) Sign Jhonny Peralta to replace Uribe at third base.

  3. eastcoastdodgerfan

    Oh and most importantly SIGN CLAYTON KERSHAW! Holy cow face why is this taking so long? 20 years for $500million if that’s what it takes!

  4. 1. Sign Tanaka. Let some combination of Fife, Magill, Bills, Beckett, and Lee fill the fifth rotation spot.

    2. Sign Howell or Wilson for the ‘pen. You don’t want too many expensive relievers, as money spent there is often a bad idea, but you don’t want it to be too thin either.

    3. Sign Uribe to a one- or two-year contract, to bridge the gap to Corey Seager.

    4. Keep all four outfielders. All have been consistently excellent when healthy, but they all may have health issues, so stick with all four. (Signing an expensive free agent outfielder when we’ve already got four excellent outfielders is about the silliest idea I’ve ever heard. But then I don’t have an overarching obsession towards any of our outfielders.)

    5. Sign a couple of relatively inexpensive infielders to fill out the bench. Keep Fed, SVS, and the fourth outfielder (when all are healthy) for the bench.

    6. Sign Kershaw long-term already!

  5. 1. Must sign Tanaka as a hedge against Kershaw getting a hair up his a$$ and leaving.
    2. Trade Zach Lee and Chris Withrow for Brett Lawrie.
    3. See what the Angels want for Hank Conger.
    4. Pick up Furcal on a one year contract to hedge against Hanley injury or Guerrero not being ready coming out of camp (also gives you Furcal and Punto as switch hitting utility guys).
    5. Resign Howell and perform some voodoo magic on Elbert so you have plenty of LH bull pen help.
    6. Check in on Kuo because it is the right thing to do; love that guy.
    7. Trade Andre Ethier for a power hitting 1B prospect (at least @ AA) because AGon is not going to last forever.
    8. Give Scotty Van Statch a real chance to get 250 ABs in 2014 while spelling Crawford and AGon.

  6. dusty bakers toothpick

    Good line about the team’s, “needs” being luxuries to most other teams. Ned could sit on his hands all winter and still return with a capable squad. In the spirit of the article, here’s what I would do (BTW, I am a 3-time fantasy baseball champ, so I’m pretty good at running a team from my recliner).

    1. Sign a #4 pitcher to a 2-year deal, someone in the vein of Scott Kazmir or Ervin Santana. The team doesn’t need more than 2 years given the young crop of hurlers coming up through the Chattanooga trail. No need to sign Tanaka, or pursue a trade for David Price. The team already has 3 Aces, with Beckett & Bills on the mend, and Fife on call.
    2. Re-sign JP Howell and sign a late inning free agent RH reliever. I can’t name any potential candidates, any steady and consistent RH will do. 2 –year contract at the most.
    3. Fantasy infield: trade Joc Pederson, and two other minor leaguers to TX for Elvis Andrus.
    4. Best laid plans for the infield: Re-sign Mark Ellis to play 2B on a 1-year deal, put Guerrero at SS, and slide Hanley over to 3B.
    5. Last resort plans for the infield: Guerrero at 2B, Hanley at SS, and resign Uribe on a 2-year deal to man the hot corner.
    5. Bench: Resign Shoemaker, and Punto. Bring back Van Slyke, Gordon, and Ethier.

    My fantasy 2014 lineup:
    Andrus SS
    Puig RF
    Kemp CF
    Hanley 3B
    A-Gon 1B
    Crawford LF
    Guerrero 2B
    Ellis C


    League/Free Agent RH Reliever