The plan with Volquez …

Edinson Volquez will start in the bullpen, but the plan is for him to make some starts — emphasis on the word “some,” which obviously implies “more than one.” Rick Honeycutt had a lot of input into Ned Colletti‘s decision to sign this guy, because Ned had him look at a lot of video of Volquez pitching for the Padres to see if there was something he could identify as a potential problem — i.e., something Honeycutt thought he could fix.

“He said, ‘I think there are a couple of things here we can work on,’” Colletti said of Honeycutt.

And so, the Dodgers signed Volquez. And so, he is here. And so, he will get the ball, initially in an innocuous relief situation, but eventually, apparently, as a starter. In the midst of a division race. Guessing it’ll be during that stretch from Sept. 6-22 when the Dodgers go 17 consecutive days without an off-day.

“There will probably be some starts in there,” Colletti said.

“He has pretty much been a starter,” manager Don Mattingly said. “We like his stuff, and we like what he is capable of doing. As of right now, it’ll start with the pen, and then we’ll figure things out.”

Volquez, who was 9-10 with a 6.01 ERA for the Padres before being designated for assignment after getting torched for six runs in two-thirds of an inning last Friday night against the Cubs, has made four relief appearances in nine major league seasons — three as a rookie for the Texas Rangers in 2005 and one in an 18-inning game for the Cincinnati Reds in 2008, the year he was an All-Star.


  1. >> Edinson Volquez will start in the bullpen

    …and then, he can relieve in the rotation.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :)

  2. I meant to say BEGIN in the bullpen.