Status update on A.J. Ellis

We basically didn’t get much after the game because the real test of these things is usually how they feel the next day. It was a good sign that A.J. Ellis played the rest of that eighth inning, then batted and ran out a ground ball in the ninth, then caught the bottom of the ninth. But how he feels tomorrow will be the key.

“We’ll have to see how he is tomorrow,” Don Mattingly said. “He got hit pretty squarely in the kneecap. It hit him pretty good.”

Ellis is as hardnosed a player as I have ever been around, so his reaction when he was hit by that foul tip was all you needed to know about how much pain he was in. Even if he’s fine, my suspicion is you’ll see Tim Federowicz in the lineup tomorrow night, especially with the day game on Sunday. Ellis probably would sit out one of those games even if he hadn’t gotten hit, so Mattingly might just go ahead and rest him tomorrow as a precaution.


  1. I was sitting down the first base line in short right field and I heard the ball hit his knee… was pretty loud. Ellis is one tough catcher.

  2. Gotta love this:
    AJEllis17: RT“@dodgerscribe: Update on A.J. Ellis, but nothing really definitive”

    Thanks 4 compliments…I’m playing tomorrow.
    Love seeing that AJ reads your stuff Tony. And as he should.

  3. Yeah he was also the one player who sent me a message when word hit that I was returning to the beat. Class act. Always has been.

    • Hard not to love rooting for the guy on the field, but it’s this sort of off field interaction that takes it to another level, IMO. In interviews over the past couple of years, it sounds like he took what little (relatively) money was offered him to play in the minors in order to get experience to be able to coach at the college level someday. Now, I’d love to see him run a big league club when his playing days are behind him.

  4. He’s one of my favorites as well. A.J., if you are reading, are you aware that Vin Scully always mispronounces the name of your alma mater as Austin “Pay”? “Let’s Go Pay!” just doesn’t work as a rallying cry.