Entire Scully video, in three parts

This is the whole thing. Like I said earlier, I missed about the first 15 seconds of the first one, and the first one is a little shaky in the beginning when I was moving from second row to first row to get a better angle.



  1. Thanks Tony. Always love to hear from Mr. Scully. What a kind and humble man.

  2. Tony, this is exactly what I needed here in Upstate, NY where we don’t get any post-game or if anything we get soundbites on MLB TV or Dodgers.com. Thank you for this website. Much appreciated, I will be the first to pay the $30. It will be well spent in my opinion.

    • Thank you, Dean!! That’s one of the reasons I determined this was worth pursuing, because I know there are farflung Dodgers fans all over the U.S. and to some extent, the world, people who rarely if ever get the chance to see the team play in person. I am honored to be able to provide you with your daily Dodgers fix. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Tony, I didn’t think there was any way I would shell out $30 just to read a Dodger blog, no matter how good it might be, but this Vin Scully press conference may have just cemented my decision to sign on when pay wall goes up. I live in Maryland, so your comment about reaching “far-flung Dodgers fans” applies perfectly to me. Even the little things like your report the other week about Dee Gordon practicing his throwing in an empty stadium has gotten me semi-addicted to DodgerScribe. Thanks for bringing us Mr. Scully and all the other insights you are giving us. They are making this most magical of seasons even more enjoyable.