ScribeWire Q & A Podcast #3

On this week’s podcast we discuss The GM Meetings, Don Mattingly‘s extension and future with the club, We play “What If” with Yasiel Puig and Clayton Kershaw‘s second Cy Young Award. Keep sending your podcast questions to


  1. Nice job, guys.

    In the podcast, you state that Donnie has Ned’s full support, but possibly less than total support from the rest of top management. Do you have a sense of how involved the other individuals are in day-to-day as well as longer-term decision-making? I’m sure Stan Kasten is in the thick of it, but what about the ownership types, like Mark Walter and Magic Johnson? I know they are “the face of Dodger ownership”, but do you sense that they are involved in a hands-on and detailed way? Anyone else who you sense is heavily involved?

    • Stan Kasten has by far the most influence on the day-to-day operations of the club and on decisions like this one. Other than Kasten, Mark Walter is the most involved because he owns the biggest stake. But Stan oversees virtually ALL the baseball decisions, I believe.