Rookie hazing day may have been placed on temporary hold


Word around the men’s room — yes, that’s where I picked up this monumental piece of information — is that hazing day may have been postponed due to the lack of a general agreement among the non-rookies as to what this year’s rookie hazing-day attire should be. Honestly, I don’t know how original these guys think they’re going to get. This tradition has existed around baseball for a long time, and I’m fairly sure all 30 teams do it. So multiply 30 teams by however many years this has been going on, and the likelihood that you’re going to come up with something that never has been done before isn’t very high.

All I know is, this is the last chance the Dodgers have to really do this right. If they do it on the way home from San Francisco after a night game on Thursday, when the team arrives home well after midnight and buses back to the stadium, where each player gets into his car and drives to his in-season residence, that kind of renders the whole thing rather anti-climactic. The whole point is to embarrass these guys, and it’s hard to be embarrassed if the only people who see you wearing the stuff is the same people who made you wear it in the first place.

Anyway, the photo above is one I still had in my phone from rookie hazing day two years ago, which also was here in San Diego. If memory serves, the guy in the Gumby outfit is Dee Gordon, while the guy is blue is Justin Sellers.

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  1. Damn. I’ve been looking forward to this. We’ve got some great rookies this year!