Results of Hanley Ramirez’s MRI are quite confusing

OK, so we didn’t have to wait until after the game. Word just came that Hanley Ramirez has an irritated nerve in his back — that’s a different part of the body from the hamstring, which is what we were told last night was the reason he was removed from the game. The MRI showed no difference compared to an MRI taken of the same area in 2011. I looked it up, and Hanley did spent 15 days on the 15-day DL in 2011 with sciatica and numbness in his lower back, so I’m guessing that’s what this is referring to.

Anyway, the important thing here is that Hanley is expected to be available to play next week, so he’s apparently down for the final three games of the Giants series. Also, he received a cortisone injection.

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