One more Kemp update — don’t write him off just yet

He had 15 simulated at-bats today at Camelback Ranch, but they were just at-bats. There was no baserunning involved. He will attempt to run tomorrow. There was no definitive statement coming from anyone saying that if he ISN’T able to run tomorrow, he will be shut down for the season, even if common sense would suggest exactly that. With the late start here tomorrow night, we should know something before the game.


  1. What’s the mood in the clubhouse there Tony with first 3 game losing streak since June 8-10?

  2. Not bad. Quiet like always after a loss, but there’s no panic in this team. Frustration perhaps, but no panic.

  3. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I love Matty and I really miss him this year…No doubt, it’s killing him not being able to play.