Odds are, Mattingly will manage Dodgers in 2014


Proving once again the Las Vegas will take bets on just about anything, I got another email today from the online gambling site Bovada (www.Bovada.lv, @BovadaLV). This time, it wasn’t about whether the Cardinals or Red Sox will win the World Series. This time, it was to provide odds on whether Don Mattingly will remain as Dodgers manager after delivering what sounded very much like an “extend-my-contract-or-I-walk” ultimatum during yesterday’s press conference.

What Bovada tells us is that (drumroll please) … Mattingly WILL continue to manage the Dodgers.

Yes -180 (5/9)
No +140 (7/5)

Now, keep in mind these odds don’t take into consideration whether Mattingly will get a new contract or simply manage as a lame duck for the second year in a row after his option automatically vested when the Dodgers won the National League Division Series against the Atlanta Braves. If you decide to place a bet on this, you are placing a bet on nothing more than whether Mattingly will manage the team “for Game 1 of the 2014 regular season.”


  1. My personal .02 has been that Mattingly is a learner. He may make mistakes, but he learns from them, and the long term upside is that he will continue to develop as a manager and strategist. While it has always been clear that he needs a VERY good bench coach, most do in this day and age, he can become an outstanding, if not one of the best managers if given a little more time in my opinion.
    I’m not sure what the heck he was thinking when he went public with his gripes though. No bueno. And it was a little scary when he said he wouldn’t change a thing after he pulled Adrian for Young. Wow, I assume he would like to take that comment back….

    • No, he does not learn from them. That is the problem. He still bunts with a runner already in scoring position and down a run. He still bunts with Hanley Ramirez the teams best hitter on deck only to have the other team give him an IBB.

  2. It would take a manager with years of experience, and confidence he is trusted by management, to admit a mistake. That won’t come from a guy as green as Donnie. He may get there, but he ain’t there yet.

    From my couch, and one game in Arizona I saw, he made plenty of mistakes. Did he learn? Didn’t look like it when he put Uribe in an 0-2 hole late in the season. As for his bench coach, you really can’t force one on him. That just wouldn’t work. It has to be someone HE chooses, or at least believes in. This is a weird situation. Sure would like to see it resolved. Whatever way the Dodgers intend to move, the sooner the better. Someone said they can’t make any announcements until after the Series. Can anyone tell me if that is true?

  3. Those Vegas odds -180/+140 work out to be a 61.5% chance of Mattingly coaching game one of the 2014 season.

    The way the vig works out is…

    -180 = 64.3%
    +140 = 58.3%
    No vig = 61.5%

    So Vegas, giving themselves a 6% margin of error thinks the chances of Mattingly returning are in between 58.3% and 64.3% with 61.5% as the non vig number. If you think the number should be quite a bit greater than 64.3% or quite a bit lower than 58.3% then feel free to place a bet.