No Gold Gloves for Dodgers in 2013

The Dodgers were completely shut out of Gold Glove awards for the second year in a row. They haven’t captured a Gold Glove since 2011, when pitcher Clayton Kershaw and outfielders Matt Kemp (CF) and Andre Ethier (RF) all won it.

National League
P Adam Wainwright, St. Louis
C Yadier Molina, St. Louis
1B Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
2B Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati
3B Nolan Arenado, Colorado
SS Andrelton Simmons, Atlanta
LF Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado
CF Carlos Gomez, Milwaukee
RF Gerardo Parra, Arizona

American League
P R.A. Dickey, Toronto
C Salvador Perez, Kansas City
1B Eric Hosmer, Kansas City
2B Dustin Pedroia, Boston
3B Manny Machado, Baltimore
SS J.J. Hardy, Baltimore
LF Alex Gordon, Kansas City
CF Adam Jones, Baltimore
RF Shane Victorino, Boston

Also, on another note, Dodgers third-base coach Tim Wallach is scheduled to interview for the Seattle Mariners managerial vacancy, according to Jon Heyman of Wallach also interviewed last week for the same position with the Detroit Tigers.


  1. Pittsburgh’s McCutchen has a legitimate complaint.

  2. I really don’t care. Defense wins a few games but doesn’t put any b.i.s. It isn’t taught the way it usta was and only a handful of players take it seriously. Outfielders don’t move to back up bases anymore (observe them – they stand and watch) and how many outfield throws do we see each year bounce three times 10′ off target. Larry Bowa took 100 grounders a day EVERY DAY. Who does that now? I just would like to see 9 guys out there that move on every pitch, take the outs they are given, and shorten the game by stealing an out every now and then. You give me 29 outs, I’ll give you 25, and I will beat you 60% of the time.

    But then, as Phil told me the other day – I am jaded.

  3. Badger,
    Outfielders don’t back the bases? I recall seeing Daniel Nava making a nice back up in game 3 the other night. Just sayin…

  4. Any news if Kim Ng is still pursuing a GM position? I really think she would have been an excellent GM for the Dodgers and especially now that Kasten is the President. A very good match, it is only a matter of time before this group will tire of Uncle Neddie.

    • I assume she is, but I have my doubts she’ll ever get one. I think all 30 teams like the idea of a female GM so long as one of the other 29 teams does it first. That’s why the odds are against her.

  5. theunofficialscorer

    Every time the Gold Glove winners are announced, I’m reminded of 1999, when Rafael Palmeiro won the AL Gold Glove for first basemen despite playing 128 games as designated hitter that year and just 28 at first base. He certainly had the fewest errors of any first baseman that year, which is generally irrelevant to any discussion of good defense. The point here is that the people voting for the Gold Gloves a.) often don’t pay attention as closely as they should, b.) they vote for a player based on his reputation, or c.) they just don’t know what the heck they’re doing. As a result, of all the postseason awards in baseball, the Gold Gloves are without question the most meaningless.

    • They have a new voting system now that takes some sabermetrics into account. Don’t ask me to explain the new system, but I don’t think you’ll see any more DHs winning Gold Gloves.