NLCS Game 6: Cardinals 9, Dodgers 0 … and that’s a wrap

Clayton Kershaw, who probably will receive his second National League Cy Young Award in the past three seasons in a few weeks and also is likely to sign a long-term contract with a massive dollar figure attached to it sometime this winter, suffered a rare meltdown at the worst possible time, giving up seven runs on 10 hits in four-plus innings. Really, though, all of that was just a bunch of numbers, because the Dodgers were doomed from the moment Kershaw gave up the first of those runs.

Once again, the Dodgers went into the deepfreeze offensively, stymied by Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha just as they were in Game 2. In his two starts in this National League Championship Series, Wacha shut out the Dodgers on seven hits over 13 2/3 innings, striking out 13 and walking only two, one of those intentional, in the process.

Although it hasn’t yet been announced, it is difficult to envision anyone other than Wacha as the NLCS Most Valuable Player.

The Cardinals thus won this NLCS in six games and now will move on to their fourth World Series in the past 10 years, and it WILL be a rematch of one of the previous three. The Series will begin on Wednesday night in either Boston or Detroit. The Cardinals faced the Red Sox in the 2004 World Series, losing in four, then defeated Detroit in five games in the 2006 World Series.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, are left to lick their wounds yet again following their 25th consecutive season without a World Series appearance. However, this also marked the first time they have survived for as long as six games into an NLCS since 1988, when they last reached the World Series and wound up winning it. It was a step forward, and the Dodgers figure to be the class of the National League West again in 2014.


  1. Dropping an elimination game 9-0 should raise some serious questions.

    • I don’t know what questions you want answered. Are you questioning if Clayton is our staff ace, or that our offense wouldn’t be better with healthier players? It is a disappointing game but we had a good season and we will be positioned pretty good for next year. Look on the bright side, we have three excellent starters plus Beckett and Billz should be back. Matty and HRam will be healed and Ethier will probably be traded for additional pieces. I hope that we see upgrades at both 2nd and catcher.

  2. Colletti will probably bring back some bench pieces but we can now say goodbye to some of the following:


    • I’ll be very surprised if Uribe & Schumaker aren’t back. Marmol at a lower salary…and hopefully The bearded wonder as well.

  3. Kid K never really had it tonight. He could spot his fastball, even in the first and second inning, and was never able to command the slider or yakker at all. But no offense rendered Kershaw’s struggles moot.

    I watched the visitor’s dugout camera as the game ended–no point in watching the action on the field. Tim Wallach and Dee Gordon were the last to leave. I admire Donnie Baseball, but I really wish Wallach was going to manage this team next year.

  4. Tony – thanks for the blog. A tough ending to a roller coaster season. I believe the future is bright for the Dodgers. If they can have a season with jus the normal amount of injuries, they could be scary good.