Never know who you’re going to run into at Hooters


I’d like to introduce you to Ken Lai, who introduced himself to me last night at the Hooters in downtown Atlanta — don’t judge, I went there with a bunch of ball-writing colleagues because we were looking for a place where we could watch the American League wildcard game on TV. But anyway, back to Ken …

Ken and a couple of his buddies happened to be sitting at an adjacent table. Ken is a loyal reader of this blog and lives in Los Angeles, so close to Dodger Stadium that he can watch the Friday night postgame fireworks from his back porch. He flew all the way to Atlanta to take in Games 1 and 2 of the National League Division Series, so he obviously is a passionate Dodgers fan. If you’d like to follow him on Twitter, he is @studiotk.

Thanks for saying hello, Ken. And if any of the rest of you see me out and about, I hope you’ll do the same.


  1. Ok Tony – that’s very cool that you’d give some love to a read and avid fan!

  2. if the Dodgers are in Anaheim, and you happen to go into the Hooters, odds are good you’ll run into me. I’m the GM there… just sayin