More on Ethier’s leg

Andre Ethier was sent to the doctor because there was concern on the part of the medical staff that there might be some clotting or perhaps something akin to whatever it was in Mark Ellis‘ left leg last year that resulted in his having emergency surgery to repair something called acute compartment syndrome. Well, not that they were concerned that’s what it was, but more just the fact that Ethier’s calf was taking so long to heal and not really getting any better that they just wanted to rule out anything like that.

Ethier himself seemed rather cavalier about the whole thing after the game, smiling, loose and saying, “It’s all right. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.”

Don Mattingly said Ethier might be able to play tomorrow night against the Mets and he might not, but that he will play Friday for sure. My guess, based entirely on the way the Dodgers usually handle stuff like this, is that means he might pinch hit tomorrow night and return to the lineup on Friday.

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