Mattingly postgame video — calling out his players?

Seemed like he was implying a lot of the Dodgers hitters went to the plate without much of a game plan against Jake Peavy. So, just to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing, I ask him right around the 4:15 mark to clarify, and he dodges the question. Feel free to draw your own conclusion here, but after 20 years in this business — and six years of being around Don Mattingly on a regular basis — I’m pretty positive that’s what he was saying.


  1. If you ask me..he was basically calling out MacGwire. No ?

  2. I’m glad Mattingly called out the hitters. They are giving away too many at bats. Hanley has cooled off. Uribe has cooled off. Puig is in a terrible slump. AJ Ellis hasn’t gotten a hit in a very long time. Adrian’s doing his thing, thankfully.