Matt Kemp is done for 2013

Fact he attended postgame fan rally was first clue. Says he could’ve broken his ankle if he kept playing on it. Expects to he OK for next year. More on this in a few. To me, first question is, how did it go from where we were told it was this morning, when the medical staff wasn’t concerned about his availability for Game 1, to here?


  1. Dodgers have ZERO chance without Kemp AND Ethier. All because Kemp was loafing on that 9th inning play in DC…

  2. What frustrating>exciting>frustrating>exciting>frustrating season. I guess that’s sports.

  3. Matt Kemp….Dodgers answer to Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose.

    • Yeah, exactly the same.

      Rose gets medically cleared by the team doctors and ElAttrache tells Kemp to stay off it completely for a month.

      Totally same situations.

  4. Seriously now Tony – why can’t the Dodgers and specifically Mattingly be forthright about injuries?

    • In this case, I’m cutting them a little slack. He went in for a precautionary X-ray and MRI. MRI showed something they didn’t anticipate. It’s not that he can’t walk. He’s on crutches because they don’t WANT him to walk because it puts the ankle at risk.

      • Fair enough. Mattngly has been so coy about injuries this season, I tend to not give him the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for the check up.

  5. I’m not a doctor… just my gut feelings here:

    After looking a bit more closely… I’m giving an educated guess that Kemp was diagnosed with Osteochondritis of the talus, which is the major articulating surface of the ankle. It rests under the weight of the leg where the fibula and tibia interconnect. This injury is usually caused by a severe sprain or twist of the ankle. Yep. We all saw it on TV.

    Best way to describe this would be to think cartilage injury here. Cartilage is the stuff that lets two bones articulate smoothly. If the cartilage swells from injury, it can cause stiffnes. That stiffness is the body’s defense mechanism to limit the joint’s range of motion to promote healing. If the cartilage doesn’t heal, then Kemp would be forever affected by the injury. So yeah, if this is the case, then it’s a good call to let him heal up. If the cartilage doesn’t heal, it could die off and then you end up with bone to bone contact… very painful and would eventually end his baseball career. Think “Bo Jackson” and his hip joint. My guess is that this was caused by trying to rush back from his ankle injury too quickly… and (obviously) it would appear that he hurt his ankle much worse than we were initially led to believe.

    Again, I’m not a doctor… I had two years of schooling and know a thing or two about bones and joints. That’s just my gut feeling of what’s happened to Kemp.

    …and to think; all because he didn’t hustle down the line. I’m certain nobody feels worse than Matt does right now.

    • That last line is the KILLER truth. He’s been a loafer with serious concentration lapses (ask Torre & Bowa) like that his entire career. Now it’s going to cost the Dodgers dearly.

      • Right. Because loafers have consecutive game streaks of 399 before injuring a hamstring last year.

      • Bent a loafer has nothing to do with durability. It speaks of effort and concentration. Or haven’t you watched any Dodgers games the past few years? Balls rolling between his legs, bone headed base running, giving away AB’s especially against anyone who can throw a slider down & away in the dirt.

      • Power hitters swing and miss at sliders down and away with two strikes.

        You should be a scout. I’ll be sure to tell my players to watch out for this.

        Solid tip.

    • MLB hitters in their age 28 and 29 seasons should not be struggling with basics of the game like pitch recognition. Doesn’t take a scout to see that. Puig gets a pass as a 22 year old playing in only half of one MLB season + 1 minor league season. Kemp has no such excuse. His total numbers should be down due to being injured and not playing, not the production when he’s actually been on the field. Hanley has been hurt a lot this season yet still found a way to produce at a high level when he’s played. Power numbers being down can account for a shoulder injury, not for lack of contact nor pitch recognition.

      Perhaps the bold prediction (or foolishness depending on your perspective) of a 50/50 season by Kemp in 2012 led to his bulking up and change in workout regimen that he admitted to doing in an effort to hit more home runs. Point is – really great and beloved players show you greatness on the field, they don’t tell you about in TV commercials, interviews and public statements.

  6. Ixnay on the loafer stuff. You’re entitled to your opinion…

    …in my opinion, Beast Mode is NOT a loafer. He just got caught, like we all do at times, doing someting he knew he shouldn’t have done. He shouldn’t have assumed the play was going to be a routine out at first base… and they all do it from time to time.

    • That’s one play in many during the course of his career. He’s got a lot to prove. He’s had ONE terrific season for the Dodgers (obviously should have been MVP in 2011) that he parlayed into that huge contract. He’s an overly sensitive athlete known for being moody or having his mood determined by his happiness, love life, how he’s performing, etc, remember the whole Rihanna thing?

      • The thing you have no evidence for was the reason for his down year? People like you just look for reasons to hate him.

        Yeah, Torre and Bowa only had issues with Kemp. Please. Mattingly, for all his faults, is the only manager since McCourt was owner that didn’t lose the clubhouse. Bowa has made a living losing clubhouses and players. He lost Edmonds back in the day too. But hey, Bowa’s gritty, right? Some kind of hero to old school idiots who have no idea how to effectively coach the modern player in the real world. Adapt or die.

        Kemp has been a consistent 4 WAR player, with an 8 WAR peak, for four of his five seasons from 2008 to 2012. He stopped being held back in favor of players like Pierre and Gonzalez … in 2008.

        Oh, and the reason he was terrible at the start of 2013? Because he tried to gut through a labrum that was torn off the bone at the end of 2012. He could try to gut through an injury again and go through what Jeter did this year … because that has worked out SWIMMINGLY for the Yankees. Regardless, why would he play with a torn labrum in 2012 (or crash into that wall twice, in general) if he was just some selfish, moody asshole? He already had his money, did he not? Why wouldn’t he just call it quits if he’s just a selfish dipshit like you claim?

        You’re hanging onto the rep that was handed to him when he first came up, one that was developed partially due to his rawness and cockiness (Puig says hi), but primarily because of incompetent management and ownership at the time.

        Do you think the same of Hanley? Hanley’s own teammates called him out in Miami. He doesn’t want to talk about his time there for a reason. Must be a terrible person to you, right? How much do you hate Ethier? Bowa called him out DIRECTLY in the Los Angeles Times for not caring about winning. No comment on him? I only see you hating up a storm on every Kemp article. Wonder why?

        Regardless, I’m guessing that asking you to employ common sense and use context would be too much, but I’ll hope.

        And if you’re gonna rebut this with some intangible-based manure, don’t even bother.

      • Mr. Moriyama – I respectfully request that you immediately cease and desist with removing my comments from this blog and posting them to any other forum with out my express written permission before doing so.

        Further – you are not authorized to characterize my comments as using profanity, vulgarity or personal attacks.

        Thank you for your immediate cooperation.

        30 September, 2013 1052 PDT.

    • Hey Chad – thanks for showing everyone why they shouldn’t follow your blog. Referring to others views as “manure” because you disagree with them or because you’re an apologist for today’s pampered athletes with elitist attitudes is just mean spirited and wrong.

      You clearly have no idea who I am and that I will not be intimidated into silence by bullies like you.

      Tony Jackson – if you’re going to allow this kind of profanity laced dialogue on your blog, I’ll be sure to just leave now. Expressing views does not include using profanity and vulgarity like that in a public forum. It shows weakness of position and bankruptcy of thought.

  7. At least Hanley is “100%” according to the medical staff. But who knows what that translates to with this team.

    Either way I still believe the Dodgers are the team to beat. Bill Shaikin of LA Times posted something encouraging: Skip Schumaker started the last 3 games of 2011 World Series and the Cards won. I know Skip is no Kemp or Ethier but I am trying to stay positive.

    Lets go Dodgers!

  8. Great comment thread, everybody!! Thanks for posting your thoughts.

    • If you’re going to allow language like Chad’s here -just let me know now Tony. There’s enough of that in real life, don’t need it here too. Please advise.

  9. And Mr. Moriyama did have authorization to use your content & material on his website?