Kemp takes another 0-fer at Rancho

He did finally reach base once, drawing a walk in the first inning. After that, though, he popped up and struck out twice, leaving him now 0-for-15 in four rehab games, with exactly one ball hit out of the infield.


  1. I’d imagine Kemp’s swing feels like an unfolded lawn chair…

  2. Must be really frustrating for Kemp – the game where he rolled his ankle, he was seeing the ball pretty well and really squaring it up.

  3. It’s only 4 games… 15 at bats. It has been a rough year for Matty, but all’s well that ends well, correct? I choose to believe Kemp will bounce back stronger than he has been all season. Just in time to help this team, do something, it hasn’t done in a lot more than 4 games and 15 at bats. Keep on Battling, Boy’s!!

  4. Don’t like the strike outs. It’s A ball pitching. The play- offs are a month away. At least make contact Matt.