Getting to know each other, Installment #1


One of the things I want to do with this blog is post a photo of myself with readers whenever I get the chance to meet them. Today, I got to meet this couple, Joey Katona and Rebecca Hook of Washington, D.C., who drove down to Philly last night for today’s game. They are getting married on January 4, 2014 — “had to be during the offseason,” Joey said.
Joey grew up in the Los Angeles area and is a lifelong Dodgers fan. Rebecca is from Columbus, Ohio, but Joey has converted her into a Dodgers fan.

As I stated in the very first post a couple of weeks ago, this is YOUR blog, and I want you to be a part of it as much as possible. It’s obviously much easier for me to meet people on the road than at home, and there may be times when it’s an especially busy day and absolutely impossible. But if you’re going to be at a game and would like to meet — and take a photo with me that I can post here — don’t be shy about tweeting me @dodgerscribe or emailing me at I’ll make every effort to make it happen.


  1. It seems like you’re looking younger and younger Tony.

  2. Best comment ever posted on this blog!

  3. Damn Tony. I thought about reaching out to you before Friday nights game but figured you would be too busy during the game. I didn’t get to the game till just before game time.

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