Game 5 lineups: Hanley, Ethier are playing


If you look behind the guy on the left side of this photo, you might be able to see a wooden crate shoved into the corner against the wall. I may be misreading this entire scenario, but I don’t think I am — I believe that crate contains the National League championship trophy, and I wasn’t alone in that room in thinking that. It is obviously very heavy, as it was wheeled into the interview room on a dolly in between appearances by Skip Schumaker and Don Mattingly, and then carefully shoved into the nook next to the table.

I actually asked MLB’s Katy Feeney, the behatted interview-room moderator whom you see on the right side of this photo, if the crate contains the trophy. Katy, who is famous for her hats, deadpanned, “Those are my hats.”

By the way, I’m guessing the guy standing in front of the trophy is an MLB security person. Once the crate was hauled in and put into place, he never stepped more than a foot away from it at any point.

The Dodgers will set about the business this afternoon of trying to force MLB to fly that crate halfway across the country, and they will do so with Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier in the lineup. David Freese, who was pulled from each of the past two games because of right-calf tightness, also is in the lineup for the Cardinals.

Carpenter 2B
Beltran RF
Holliday LF
Adams 1B
Molina C
Jay CF
Freese 3B
Kozma SS
Kelly P

Crawford LF
M Ellis 2B
Ramirez SS
Gonzalez 1B
Ethier CF
Puig RF
Uribe 3B
AJ Ellis C
Grienke P

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  1. …. ewe! Death’s door forced to be on Dodger Stadium! My heart is pounding from fear and sickness! I could not have been so brave to have stayed in the same room with creeping death!

    Conquering now a must!