Don Mattingly postgame video

I got there after it started, which is the reason for the weird camera angle in the beginning. As you might imagine, this was a second-guess-fest.


  1. Put it behind you and concentrate on Sunday’s game. No need for second guessing, what’s done is done and I, for one, don’t think Donnie was out-managed tonight. Give the Braves the credit they deserve and kick their asses Sunday and Monday. WE CAN DO IT!!!

  2. I have been watching these every day since you started posting them. I am STUNNED that Mattingly can’t recall key points or decisions he made during games without being reminded. Seriously – he gets paid to make decisions, how can he not mentally go thru some sort of review process on some of the good to iffy to boneheaded decisions he makes during the course of any given game?

  3. Where I take a look with my game simulator as to whether or not Mattingly’s pitching change and IBB strategy helped or hurt the Dodgers win probability in the bottom of the seventh inning.

  4. I think we were all spoiled at how easy game 1 was. Everything clicked. There are always going to be tough moments during the postseason and the Braves seemed to get all the breaks in game 2. I don’t have any problem at Mattingly’s moves and I look forward to going back to LA with a split. If Gordon is not called out in the 9th, we might not be all complaining about all of this…