Dodgers decline options on Capuano, Ellis

Chris Capuano‘s option was $8 million for 2014, Mark Ellis‘ was $5.75 million. It’s a $1 million buyout for each.

I fully expect the Dodgers to at least TRY to re-sign Ellis at a lower amount, and maybe Capuano too. But both may want to test the open market. The Dodgers recently signed free-agent Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero, but it isn’t a given that he will be ready to take over by next spring, so the Dodgers would love to keep Ellis around as a hedge.

From the end of the World Series, the Dodgers now have a five-day exclusive window for negotiating with their own free agents, of which there now are 12 with these options having been declined. Even after that window closes, they can still re-sign those players, but they would have to compete against other teams.


  1. You save 4.75 million up front and pay some of it back if and when you resign Ellis. So in fact how much would you be saving 1M, 2M, maybe 3M? For such a payroll machine is a couple million bucks something to worry about? Interesting. Colletti said Ellis had value…guess not that much. I enjoyed watching Ellis play.

  2. >> free-agent Cubsn second baseman Alexander Guerrero

    Freudian typo? :)

  3. Tony, after being exasperated at reading some of the predictions Dodger Nation leaves on the Dodger site, I come here to get very rational, down to earth, the players are people not just meat, discourse. Thank you for being around to give it!