Clarification on Hanley

OK, here’s the deal: when he was examined after coming out of the game last night, one of the ways they tested the hamstring was by touching it, and that didn’t hurt. The fact that didn’t hurt led the medical staff to conclude that this probably was NERVE-related as opposed to MUSCLE-related. Nerve issues start in the spine, of course, and Hanley, as I stated in the previous post, does have a history of sciatica. So that’s why it was determined — before he was sent for an MRI today — that Hanley’s issue isn’t actually in his hamstring but in his back.

Hope this clears it up for you.


  1. Son in other words, he has bulging disc, which is putting pressure on his sciatic nerves. One of which runs down the back of your calve.

    This some times is not an easy fix.

  2. Get him on decompression therapy to open up those discs. Thats been me for 4 wks works! I know all about nerve irritation!

  3. I am thinking the Dodgers better figure out what’s wrong with Kershaw and fast. Not sharp for 4th start in a row. He must be hiding an injury. Guy doesn’t go from world beater, hands down Cy Young winner to Chad Billingsley in last 4 starts unless something’s wrong.