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Another installment of Meet the Readers …


I’d like you to meet Eric Mason of Algonquin, Ill., a big Dodgers fan who comments on this blog under the name Voldomer. Eric is a professor of New Testament at Judson University in Elgin, Ill., and he drove down from his home in suburban Chicago this morning — about five hours — after going onto the Cardinals web site immediately after Matt Adams hit the home run in the eighth inning of Game 5 of the National League Division Series against Pittsburgh that effectively sealed that deal. Eric found that there were 15 tickets left for Game 2, and he never hesitated.

Not surprisingly given that there were 15 tickets left, he is sitting in nosebleed territory in left field. But at least he is here, which wasn’t easy given that he stayed awake for almost all of last night’s marathon. Said he dozed off at one point, then woke up right AFTER Carlos Beltran delivered the walkoff hit.

Eric acquired his love of the Dodgers from his father while growing up in Collinwood, Tenn., just north of the Alabama border — a part of the country that is split between Cardinals fans, Braves fans and Reds fans, so Eric was kind of a lone wolf in that regard. He says his love for the team was cemented with the 1977 club, which not only reached the World Series and lost to the New York Yankees but also was the first team in major league history with four 30-homer guys in Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker, Ron Cey and Reggie Smith.

Thanks to Eric for reaching out to me, and for being a loyal reader of this blog.

Another installment of Meet the Readers


I’d like you to meet David Caldwell, a lifelong Dodgers fan from Jacksonville, Fla., who was kind enough to alert me that he was making the five-hour drive up for these first two National League Division Series games in Atlanta. David grew up in Virginia, but his grandfather was from Brooklyn, and he passed his passion for the Dodgers along to his grandson. David still remembers writing a letter to the Dodgers as a kid back in the early 1990s, just letting them know what a huge fan he was, and the club sending him back a package of souvenir items. He has great seats in Section 108, right beside the Dodgers dugout. I would tell you he is the guy in the Clayton Kershaw jersey, but honestly, there are a bunch of Clayton Kershaw jerseys down there right now.

I love these face-to-face meetings with the readers, so to restate what I said in an earlier post today, let me know if you’re going to be in a place where it’s conducive for us to meet and we’ll find a way to get it done.

Never know who you’re going to run into at Hooters


I’d like to introduce you to Ken Lai, who introduced himself to me last night at the Hooters in downtown Atlanta — don’t judge, I went there with a bunch of ball-writing colleagues because we were looking for a place where we could watch the American League wildcard game on TV. But anyway, back to Ken …

Ken and a couple of his buddies happened to be sitting at an adjacent table. Ken is a loyal reader of this blog and lives in Los Angeles, so close to Dodger Stadium that he can watch the Friday night postgame fireworks from his back porch. He flew all the way to Atlanta to take in Games 1 and 2 of the National League Division Series, so he obviously is a passionate Dodgers fan. If you’d like to follow him on Twitter, he is @studiotk.

Thanks for saying hello, Ken. And if any of the rest of you see me out and about, I hope you’ll do the same.

Getting to know each other, Installment #1


One of the things I want to do with this blog is post a photo of myself with readers whenever I get the chance to meet them. Today, I got to meet this couple, Joey Katona and Rebecca Hook of Washington, D.C., who drove down to Philly last night for today’s game. They are getting married on January 4, 2014 — “had to be during the offseason,” Joey said.
Joey grew up in the Los Angeles area and is a lifelong Dodgers fan. Rebecca is from Columbus, Ohio, but Joey has converted her into a Dodgers fan.

As I stated in the very first post a couple of weeks ago, this is YOUR blog, and I want you to be a part of it as much as possible. It’s obviously much easier for me to meet people on the road than at home, and there may be times when it’s an especially busy day and absolutely impossible. But if you’re going to be at a game and would like to meet — and take a photo with me that I can post here — don’t be shy about tweeting me @dodgerscribe or emailing me at I’ll make every effort to make it happen.