And the spring-training schedule has been announced

I won’t bore you with all the details because, you know, it’s the Cactus League. It’s the same as always, where they basically play everybody home-and-home with a few variations. The first two games (Feb. 26-27) are with the Diamondbacks, the first one on the road and the second one at CBR, so given the lingering bitterness between the two clubs, that could be interesting. Oh, and the Dodgers’ first visit to the Cubs’ new ballpark in Mesa is March 14. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as always — except that it wraps up much earlier than usual. The last game before the team leaves for Australia is March 16, against the Rockies at CBR. The two season-opening games in Sydney (also against the Diamondbacks) are March 22-23, but they are preceded by another exhibition against Team Australia on March 21. Then, there is a three-game Freeway Series, March 27-28 at Dodger Stadium and March 29 at Angels Stadium, and before anybody asks, yes, it is standard practice for teams opening the season overseas to come back and play more exhibition games before resuming their regular season at the same time everybody else is beginning theirs.

I just checked, and even though the Dodgers have sent out the schedule to the media, they haven’t posted it on their web site yet. But keep checking if you’re interested, I’m sure it will be there shortly.

Also, keep in mind the Rookie of the Year award winners will be announced this afternoon. My gut tells me it’s going to Jose Fernandez in the National League, just because Yasiel Puig didn’t play a full season and faded down the stretch. But it will be televised on MLB Network if you want to tune in.


  1. Does each team play one game as the home team?

  2. D-backs are home team for both of those games. The series counts against their 81 home dates, leaving them with 79 at Chase Field.

  3. Do you have any idea if the new Dodger TV station will begin operating before spring training, and if it will televise all spring training games?