Almost forgot, plus a couple of can’t-miss links …

Almost forgot, but expect the Dodgers to close out their September callups today because the minor league regular season has ended and neither Albuquerque nor Chattanooga is playoff bound. Chris Withrow is the only definite, and I assume he’ll be here today. Might be someone else. Looking at the 40-man, only guys I can imagine even being on the radar are Alex Castellanos, Justin Sellers and Elian Herrera. Might be only Withrow.

Also, here’s a really good piece by Andrew Vigliotta on MLB Pro Blogs about Clayton Kershaw, how he ranks against other pitchers historically and how he has a chance to be the greatest starting pitcher of all time. Seems to me we have read the same thing in recent years about Tim Lincecum, Justin Verlander, et al. Also seems to be, as I have stated repeatedly here, that Kershaw isn’t even the best starter on the Dodgers right now. But this is still a well-written, well-researched and well-stated piece of work by Vigliotta that is definitely worth your time.

And finally, here’s another really good piece in the Denver Post by Benjamin Hochman looking at what he calls a “stupid” — he means that in a good way — winning streak by the Dodgers and comparing it to similar late-season streaks by the Rockies in 2007 and the Cardinals in 2011, and includes voices from all three teams, Jeff Francis on the 2007 Rockies and Nick Punto from both the 2011 Cardinals and 2013 Dodgers.

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  1. Thanks for the links….”we might as well sit back and just soak up the awesome”…Good stuff.