A trick-or-treat bag full of Dodgers notes


Happy day after Halloween, everyone! I didn’t have a lot of trick-or-treaters at my house last night — and by not a lot, I mean zero. That means I have all this candy to eat over the next few weeks. Like a lot of Americans (and, one would suppose, Swiss and Belgians), I happen to prefer my chocolate chilled in the refrigerator, which is why you will notice in the photo that the candy is next to the eggs.

Got a great email from Gabriel Palomino, a loyal dodgerscribe.com reader, who has been using Pitch F/X to compile spreadsheets on how many pitches umpires miss and which team those missed calls favor. If you click here, you can see a chart he compiled from the National League Championship Series showing that those calls definitely favored the Cardinals in every game of that series except Game 1. Favored them slightly on a per-game basis, but favored them dramatically over the course of the entire series, with a net 15-pitch advantage for the Cardinals on missed calls by home-plate umpires, according to data Gabriel compiled using Pitch F/X. And keep in mind, in a six-game series, you get six different home-plate umpires.

A second notable oddsmaker, Bovada, has identified the Dodgers as favorites (7/1 odds) to win the 2014 World Series, putting them slightly ahead of the Detroit Tigers (9/1). All these oddsmakers must know something the rest of us don’t. Things like who is going to play third base next year. And whether the Dodgers are going to lose anything close to the more than 1,100 man days they lost to the disabled list this year.

Finally, the Dodgers have an N.L.-leading 16 nominees for something called the GIBBY awards. No, it has nothing to do with Kirk Gibson or Bob Gibson or even Debbie Gibson. It stands for Greatness in Baseball, and I have to say there are so many baseball player awards these days that the whole mess of them has been horribly watered down, IMHO, so wake me up when they announce the Most Valuable Player, Cy Young Award winner and Rookies of the Year. But if, unlike me, you’re interested in the GIBBYs, well, the great Ken Gurnick has a story on them here, so knock yourself out.


  1. Lest you fear that Halloween is dead, the turnout here in suburban Chicago continues to be strong. We typically get 180-190 kids when the weather is clear, which it usually is. This year, it was raining on and off the entire time, including periods of drenching rain, yet we still got about 140 kids, most accompanied by umbrella-toting parents.

  2. I think what this graph clearly showed was that although there were different home plate umpires during these games which matched up Kershaw/Wacha it was clearly a problem for both umpires to get a read on Wacha’s pitches.

    • Great links. I didn’t even know that site existed. I will make it a regular stop.

      • ‘Tis a terrific site. Love it that they tend to mostly err on the Dodgers side with regard to all things “Mickey Mouse” and Puig.

      • Oops, I misspoke. When I said I didn’t know the site existed, I didn’t realize it was Deadspin. Of course I know about THAT site. I just didn’t know about that better-know-an-umpire page. That’s the one I’ll be visiting often.

  3. Great writing every day.

    Ned has a lot of work to do this winter when you consider who is, and who no longer is, on the 40 man roster.

    • Thanks Bob! Yeah, it’s going to be an interesting winter. Been covering the Dodgers for about 10 years now, and I still can’t remember them ever having a real offseason, at least not like the ones we used to have when I covered the Reds. But that’s why this is a fun team to cover.